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Level 3, 516 Hay Street
Subiaco WA 6008

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mintrex commitment

 Our Values


An enthusiasm and enjoyment for what we do and commitment to our people, clients, profession and the community.



Doing what we say we will do.
Treating other people with respect.
Being open and accountable for our actions.

Responsiveness Providing value in a timely manner.
Collaborative Partnership                     

Teamwork with clients, employees and suppliers.

Social Responsibility Working for safe, healthy and sustainable outcomes.

Technical Credibility

Working ethically in our fields of expertise and experience and being recognised as a source of reliable expertise.

Our Vision

Engineering Mines for the Next Generation.

Our Mission

Mintrex aims to be the preferred engineer for mining plant and infrastructure development in markets where we have a presence.

By providing effective and efficient solutions to our clients through application of proven design principles whilst at the same time being innovative and using leading practises in a collaborative style.

In partnership with our clients help preserve their assets so that the functionality of their assets is predictable and reliable at any point in time.

Develop and maintain Best Practice systems to continually improve stakeholder experiences with Mintrex.

Grow our business organically and through partnership to ensure maximum shareholder returns.

Ensure that our clients, business partners and our people prosper and that the communities we touch derive the benefits from our responsible approach.

Our Company

At Mintrex we believe mining is fundamental to our civilisation and improves our world. We believe that our creativitiy, diligent application and expertise can make mineral extraction more economical.

Our Approach

At Mintrex we are passionate about simplicity as a design objective. We utilise zero-base design, our experience and our expertise to achieve reliable operating outcomes by maximising simplicity in everything we do and questioning the economy of the resulting design output.

Our Results

At Mintrex we design, in partnership with our clients, plants that simply work; and commission rapidly to nameplate.

Mintrex People

Mintrex employs high calibre professionals who strive to achieve excellence. They understand that the company’s growth and quality performance is dependent upon their ability to excel as individuals and teams when devising solutions for our clients, many of whom are also our friends.  Mintrex currently directly employs more than forty professional and support personnel. Long term partnering arrangements provide access to many more.

Mintrex is very proud of the quality of our people. Our engineers and technical staff have substantial expertise in base and precious metals projects in Australia and overseas. Many of these projects require establishment of supporting infrastructure as part of the mine development.

Mintrex Organisational Structure

Mintrex has a matrix structure with project teams being resourced from the pool of engineers, drafters and project managers. Line managers have a governance role to support delivery of excellent client outcomes from project teams by ensuring quality, safety and environmental considerations are met.

Our History

In 1984, Tom Kendall founded Mintrex as consulting engineers in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.  During the next thirteen years Mintrex grew until it merged with Sinclair Knight Merz in 1997. Tom Kendall left Sinclair Knight Merz in 1999, purchasing control of Holtfreters Pty Ltd later in the same year.

In 2001 Holtfreters Pty Ltd opened a consulting engineering office and in 2008 that office commenced trading as Mintrex as part of a strategy to establish the consulting practice as a separate entity.

In 2011 Mintrex broadened its ownership base by inviting staff to take equity in the business and this process will continue as Mintrex continues to grow beyond its founder.