Employment Opportunities

Mintrex strives to employ the most talented people available focussing on career progression and technical skill development.

We value Chartered Professional Engineering status as a mark of trust, skill, expertise and recognition within our profession.  Our engineers are registered on or aspire to registration on, the National Engineers Register.

Mintrex is strongly committed to ongoing staff training and offers training programs, opportunities and initiatives to ensure your continued growth and career development.

Posted 20/12/2018

Careers Update

The team at Mintrex are thrilled to have commenced work on the design phase of Emerald’ Resources Okvau Gold Project.  Our talented engineers and drafters are now working hard on delivering the Engineering Detail Design and Procurement.  With this and many other exciting projects in the pipeline, we are looking to grow our team.

Project opportunities include;

  • Multiple Studies
  • Multiple Detailed Design Projects
  • Greenfield Projects
  • Ongoing Brownfield support to existing clients

Current Vacancies

Note: multiple opportunities are available for each position.

Posted 20/12/2018

Engineers and Drafters

Due to a steadily expanding market presence our company is seeking highly motivated Engineers and Drafters at all experience levels to join our Perth team.

Please send resumes to

We welcome direct approaches from individuals who are interested in a career with Mintrex.

Approaches can be made in the first instance to:

NOTE: We would prefer not to be contacted by recruitment agencies as we have preferred suppliers.