Zero-Base Design

Mintrex Zero-Base Design Approach

Mintrex Zero-base design is a systematized approach that we have developed to ensure that we have a real focus on the client’s key objectives and therefore deliver the maximum value for a client.

The approach can be broken down into the following steps:
  • Identify those outcomes that the client requires
  • Apply focussed processes and peer review to challenge our assumptions, preferences and biases to get the best outcome for the project
The Result:
  • Minimal capital and minimal operating costs and therefore the client has the ability to deliver success both at the beginning of their project and to their shareholders in the end result

Our Design Managers challenge their teams to ensure that we’re providing the right sized answer.   A large part of Zero-Base Design is making sure a balance exists between the strive for perfection and providing the right size solution and the right sized answer for the client.

Simplicity is the key for us. A simple design is easy to fabricate, it’s easy to construct onsite, which means less expensive fabrication, construction costs, and the end result is a plant that’s a lot easier to operate.

In Zero-Base Design we simplify as much as possible. Our primary goal is to deliver the right size solution to satisfy the client objectives.

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